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Carbon Nanotubes Breakthrough Could Replace Steel

There has always been a buzz about the new super-material known as carbon nanotubes. Well, researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have teamed up with CSIRO to come up with a revolutionary way to manufacture carbon nanotubes making it more commercially viable. The nanotubes are grown chemically into nanotube “forests” and can be produced at 7 meters per minute.

“Rarely is a processing advance so elegantly simple that rapid commercialisation seems possible, and rarely does such an advance so quickly enable diverse application demonstrations”, says Dr Ray H. Baughman of the NanoTech Institute.

Carbon Nanotubes are like steel but reportedly five times stronger than steel for equal weight. They are also lighter, can conduct electricity, are thermally conductive, and are also transparent. The applications of this ground-breaking material range across many industries including housing, transportation, and textiles.



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