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Hooray Sewage!

Sewage seems to be in the news quite a bit in the last few weeks. This time scientists have figured out a way to produce cheap hydrogen using the stuff we flush down the toilet. Oregon State University researchers have figured out a way to produce hydrogen at a lower cost than conventional electrolysis.

The technology works by putting microorganisms from sewage to an anode’s surface and then degrading the waste in the swage using a battery. The waste decomposes and leaves protons that move to the cathode and combine with electrons producing hydrogen. It is predicted that this technology will drive the cost of hydrogen down to the USDE goal of $2-3 a gallon. As an added bonus, the new technology cleans the sewage as it produces the hydrogen….and to think that we might have been flushing the answer to the world’s energy problems down the toilet.

via cleantechnica

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