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Toyota Yaris Diesel Crowned MPG Marathon Champion – 70.49 MPG

The ALD Fleet World MPG Marathon is a 400-mile fuel efficiency challenge that takes place in the UK.  There were 39 entries, and the simple goal was to get the best fuel economy possible.  The overall winner was a Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D driven by Andrew Andersz and Gary Luton with a final MPG 70.49 MPG US (84.66 MPG UK).  They achieved this astonishing economy even with 2 people in the car!  We wonder what the mpg would have been if there was only one person.  When only looking at gasoline powered cars, another Toyota came out on top.  A Toyota Aygo 1.0-liter driven by James Sutherland and Richard Hill which got 68.6 MPG US (82.39 MPG UK).  The sad part is that neither of these cars are available in the US.  Toyota, please bring more of these kinds of cars over here.  We will buy them…I promise.

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