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Zero-Net Energy Commercial Building

The connection fee for the 4100 sqft building is $266 and that’s all they pay…for the whole year. This is a building owned by Hudson Valley Clean Energy, a contracting firm that installs systems such as solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling rigs. They have implemented all this technology into their building. The building still draws some energy from the grid, but also puts energy back into the grid when energy consumption is low.

“These technologies can be integrated into the building in a very unobtrusive way,” DeCotis said.

Bob Callender, acting director of the New York state Energy Research and Development Authority, told Irish and his crew, “You guys are the real pioneers, and the true leaders of the clean energy movement.”

Progress in spreading new technology depends on the efforts of local companies such as this one, Callender said.

Irish said the company is saving about $139 a month by going zero-net energy, even though the building’s gizmos added about 10 percent more to its cost to build compared with a conventional heating-cooling system.

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