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10 Ways to Save Water Today

water_drop1As we all know drinking water is a precious thing.  Its such a shame that so much of it goes down the drain without it even entering our body.  I am pretty sure that I am conscious of it because my parents strived for an efficient lifestyle (turn off the lights if you are not in the room…turn off the tv if you are not watching it…etc…)  So here are some tips to save water starting today.

1.  Many people leave the water running when doing the dishes.  This is not necessary.  This is how I do the dishes.  I turn the water on about 1/4 to 1/3 of full blast.  During this time, I scour the dining ware.  Then I wash a small sized (perhaps tupperware container), and put about a teaspoon of dish soap in there along w/ a quarter cup of water (all this is approximated).  Then I just dip my scouring brush in there when I need soap to clean the dishes.  This way you save soap and water.

2.  Take a shower with a loved one.  This one is a bit steamy ;) .  Well, this one only works if you save the hanky panky for the bedroom.  You could potentially cut your water expenditure in half and strengthen your relationship.

3.  Dont water the lawn when it is raining.  This seems like an obvious one, but it happens all the time.  Just google “rain sensor for sprinklers” or something related, and there will be thousands of results.  This also happens many times at places of business.  If you do see it happening, bring it up to the company that manages the building.  They will prob thank you for helping them save hundreds or thousands of dollars on their water bill.

4.  If you own a home, collect your rain water to water your lawn and/or your garden.  Search for rain barrels and there are even instructional videos on how to make one.  All you need to do is redirect a down spout into a rain barrel and in a matter of hours you could have up to 50 gallons of water for later use.  Just make sure that mosquitoes can’t get into the water supply, so they can’t breed in the standing water.

5.  Don’t leave the water running when you shave or brush your teeth.  When you brush your teeth, fill a cup with water and rinse instead of leaving it running.  When you shave, either fill the sink with water, or just turn the water on when you are rinsing the blade.

6.  If you have fish or in my case turtles.  Give the nutrient rich water to your plants.  Both will appreciate it.

7.  Insulate your water pipes.  This way hot water will come out faster, and you wont be standing there watching all that water and money go down the drain.

8.  Compost your refuse food instead of putting it in the garbage disposal.  Your plants will appreciate it, and you wont waste water trying to get rid of it.

9.  Wash fruits and vegetables in a basin or plug the sink.

10.  Be conscious of your water usage.  Most of the time we waste anything whether its water, electricity, food, or anything else it is because we are not really thinking about what we are doing.  It usually only takes a few seconds to turn off the water when not in use.  That is the start to saving water.

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