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Green Car Washing

carwashOk, lets face it.  We all get bird poop on our cars, and along with all that tree sap, it can do a number to the paint job.  However, there is a dilemma for those of you that are environmentally conscious.   Do you go to a car wash or do you wash it yourself?

Exhibit A: Car Wash Center

Pros – Besides not having to do it yourself and slaving away in the heat, the upside to paying for a car wash is that the dirty runoff water is collected and routed to water treatment plants.  Water usage is under 40 gallons or less according to the Car Wash Operators of New Jersey.

Cons – The vast majority of the car washes out there do not use environmentally friendly car washing detergents.  Must take a trip out there, and sometimes the brushes that the car washes use (if it is not brushless) can leave fine hairline scratches on your car.

Exhibit B: Hand Washing

Pros – If you control the amount of water used (aka only having the water running when soaking or rinsing the car), the water usage can be much less than 45 gallons.  Hand washing is superior to a car wash because you can really get into the places where the dirt gets.  You have a choice of car washing detergents.  Simple Green makes a great biodegradable car wash detergent.  Another one that might not be as well know is made by Ecover.  A new trend popping up is the waterless car wash.  Well there is a product called Freedom Waterless Car Wash.  The product saves water and  has an eco-friendly formula.

Cons – You guessed it.  This is not necessarily a con, but if it involves a lot of time and effort, the average person will think it is a con.  It involves effort.  If you want to do a good job washing your car, it usually takes a few hours to wash and dry (so that dirt and dust dont stick to your car after washing) your car.

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