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Hornets Causing Honey Bee Population Collapse In France

giant hornetWorldwide, bee populations have been mysteriously in decline.  This of course is big trouble, not just for the production of honey, but for the ecosystem as a whole.  As you probably have learned in school, bees are an integral part of a plant’s life cycle in being able to cross pollinate.

French officials have discovered that there is an invasion of bee-eating Chinese hornets, Vespa veluntina that may be causing bee colony collapse.  It only takes a few hornets to wipe out an entire bee hive.  The hornets first kill all the bees and then proceed to eat the honey and feed the bee larvae to their young.

The hornet is not in other European countries yet, but they are rapidly expanding with over 1000 known nests.  Quentin Rome, a researcher at the National History Museum in Paris said, “They multiply quite quickly, and they settle in a new department every year.”

“When bee-keepers find nests nearby, their hives are destined for destruction,” General Secretary of the National union of Bee-keepers Yves Vedrenne said. “We don’t have the means to get rid of them.”  Although the hornet problem is the not the worst of all the problems, they definitely do not help the overall bee population.

The YouTube video below shows the carnage.

via reuters

image via wikimedia

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