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Reusing Bottle Caps

orange clockpopA woman from Greece decided that she got tired of throwing away bottle caps, so she decided to save them and have her kids play with them.  Then one day, struck by inspiration, Alison Davidson decided that the bottle caps were beautiful in their own right, and decided that she had to do something with them.  Davidson thought they looked eerily similar to the markers on a clock that she had just bought for her son’s room, so she decided to make a clock.

She took spokes from old bikes, put the bottle caps on the ends of them and put a battery-powered clock work.  She dubbed it “Clockpop,” and continued to make more for her friends and family as gifts.  Then as word got around, people started to ask her to sell them.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and she opened up her online shop REaction Gifts where she reuses cd’s to make small clocks and beads to make book marks.

Her aim for the business goes beyond making money.  She hopes that people will learn how to rethinkwhat gives purpose to a specific material.  She also hopes that people will not look at how an item can be used once but also look at the whole life cycle of the material in how it can be used over and over so as not to make excessive waste.

Davidson is not new to being eco friendly.  In fact, this has been a life long endeavor and is a natural extension of her interest in preserving the environment.  She was a marine biologist serving as curator of fish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Md.

via democratandchronicle

image via REaction Gifts

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