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Better Than CFL, Better Than LED…ESL

esl bulbOver the past few years, the light bulb market has become more and more competitive as consumers want to spend less and less on electricity as the price per kilowatt hour rises.  I wish it were a more altruistic reason, but I digress.

CFL’s are the cheap alternative, and I don’t mean Canadian Football League.  They are relatively inexpensive, and have a good bulb lifespan at between 6,000 to 15,000 hours.  However, it produces a poor light quality, takes time to warm up, and is not fully dimmable, but the real detractor is that it contains mercury.

LED’s are thought to be the future of bulbs.  They have a longer bulb life at between 25,000 -100,000 hours, there are no harmful components to led bulbs, and are nearly indestructible under normal usage, but there are some problems here as well.  LED’s are very directional in lighting, they get very hot when used in higher output (which is why the bulbs look funny w/ the heat sinks on the back), and they are really expensive.

Enter ESL (electron stimulated luminescence) light bulbs by the Vue1 Corporation.  They get approximately the same life as a CFL, but much better light quality and more importantly, no mercury.  They don’t have the life span of an LED, but the quality of light is more akin to a traditional incandescent.  It is about half the cost of an LED and illuminates space better.  Watch the video for the full details.  This is making my brain tingle.  Edison would be proud.

via engadget

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