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New Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

GreenSun Solar Panels

In North America, one of the problems in harnessing solar energy is the fact that there needs to be a slightly south facing roof in direct sunlight for the solar panels to produce an optimum amount of energy.  This might no longer be the case.

A company based in Jerusalem called GreenSun is changing the game with a new panel that can capture indirect sunlight using different parts of the light spectrum.  The panels look like squares of colored plexiglas.  The company is projecting that the final cost will come out to less than $1/watt.  That is 4x lower than a traditional solar setup.

The technology focuses on converting visible and ultraviolet light without heat, which hinders performance of traditional solar cells.  The developing panels also only require 20% silicon and has a conversion rate of 20% which is twice that of a regular cell on the market today.

GreenSun is able to produce such remarkable results by coating the glass with dyes and specific nanoparticles, although they are keeping mum on what nanoparticles and dyes.

If GreenSun is able to deliver on the panels, it could mean that solar energy would get really inexpensive and propeling the consumer into a more energy efficient and green future.

via cleantechnica

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