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Teenager Invents $40 Solar Panel Made From Human Hair

Milan KarkiWhen you go to get your locks chopped, we just see all the hair that should be thrown away.  Milan Karki, 18, who comes from a  village in rural Nepal, saw an opportunity.  He discovered that hair could be used to conduct electricity, and now thinks he could revolutionize the solar industry.

The one of the costly element in solar panels is silicon.  Milan found that melanin, the pigment that give hair its color, is also an effective replacement for the silicon.   It is estimated that this solar panel could be up to four times cheaper than its silicon counterpart of comparable capacity.  These solar-hair panels are also easily serviced as replacing the hair is very easy.  The panel produces 9v (18watts) of electicity, and it costs about £23 or ($40 usd).  These figures are not for mass production.  Milan thinks that if the panels were mass produced, the costs could come down further.

solar-hair-panelHe started out wanting to provide electricity for his home and village where power can be lost up to 16 hours a day.  He started working with hydroelectricity, but found it to be too expensive.  He and four classmates embarked on a quest to make cheap solar energy as an experiment but are not convinced that it has wide-spread market viability.

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