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Fly Ash Concrete – Eco Friendly And Lasts Longer

Fly AshMost concrete produced is from portland cement, and it consumes more energy and pollutes more than any other industry including steel and plastics.  It contributes 5-8% of all greenhouse gases just by itself, and prduction is growing at about 5% annually.

Fly ash is a waste product of a coal combustion plant.  It is the non-combustible portion of coal that used to be released into the air before through the smoke stack before the government put more strict regulations on what can be release into the atmosphere.  The particles themselves are spherical and smooth and more fine than cement particles.

When fly ash is added to concrete, it reduces separation,increases the workability, and reduces permeability.  Fly ash cement has greater corrosion resistance, substantially higher fire resistance (up to 2400° F), high compressive and tensile strengths, a rapid strength gain, and lower shrinkage.  This translates to higher durability.   The lifecycle of this kind of concrete can be measured in hundreds of years instead of decades.

There are over 600 fly ash dump sites in the US all of which can be turned into concrete.  This kind of concrete could save hundreds of acres of dump sites currently used for the disposal of coal combustion products, and could also protect water sources from being polluted as a result of fly ash leaching into water supplies.

via science daily and bulkgroup

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