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Recycle Your Cell Phone At An ATM?

ecoatmkioskMany cell phone companies are starting to make it easier on customers to recycle their phones.  Some, like Sprint, have even made a cell phone made from recycled materials like the Sprint Reclaim.  However, EcoATM is changing the game and making it very easy.  Its just a simple 3 step process.

Step 1) Insert portable CE device or handset
Step 2) Used device automatically valued
Step 3) Portables automatically binned inside. User receives trade-up coupon, gift card, and/or charitable contribution

Over the last year, EcoATM has enjoyed much success in its Omaha, Nebraska location inside Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Now it is planning to go nationwide with more locations opening up in San Diego, Washington state and Vermont over the next few months.  By mid next year, they should be popping up everywhere across the US, and there are also plans in the works to accept other gadgets like MP3 players, cameras and laptops.

When a cell phone is inserted into the machine, cameras will inspect the condition of the phone to give it a fair value.  If the phone is worth nothing, it can be recycled anyway and get a free water-proof cell phone case.  For every phone that is recycled, the company will plant a tree.

via ecogeek

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