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Teenagers In West Philladelphia Shooting For Automotive X Prize

Hybrid AttackTeenagers in a unlikely neighborhood attending West Philadelphia High School Academy for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering have built a hybrid that will go 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds and get over 60 mpg.  They have also come up with an innovative, yet logical way to achieve these astounding statistics.  They are using a diesel electric hybrid powertrain.  Are you listening car companies.  Now that is novel, lets use the most efficient car engine to put into a hybrid vehicle to get the maximum efficiency.  Makes sense…huh.

The car does not look like your typical hybrid. It looks like a pure sports car. This also makes a lot of sense b/c sports cars tend to have the lowest coefficient of drag helping to get better gas mileage out of the car. They have won other car competitions with other cars.  In 2002, 2005 and 2006, the team won another alternative vehicle competition, the Tour de Sol.  The goal of that competition was to drive at least 150 miles while getting 100 mpg or better. In 2002, they beat out 40 other teams including one from MIT.

However, now they are shooting for the big stage and competing in the Automotive X Prize.

By now, anyone keeping up with the world of hybrid automotive technology knows about the Automotive X Prize.  For those that don’t, over 100 teams are competing to get the prize of $10 million dollars.  The cars entered into the competition must be road safe, easily mass produced, and achieve the benchmark of 100 mpg.

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