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Austrailians Can Earn $10,000 A Year By Going Solar

If you want to get people excited about something there are a few things people can say to create a buzz.  Tax credit, free, and get more money.  It just so happens that all three of these things are involved when talking about New South Wales Solar Bonus Scheme.  This goes to show how serious the people of New South Wales are about helping the environment.

The government will give you a free quote and pay you to have solar in your home.  If worked out correctly the solar panels and installation could be free, and they get to use the solar energy so it lowers bills.  The max size that qualifies for the tax credit is 10 kilowatts, which is much more than any one house will use.

All households and qualifying small businesses and community groups can apply and get a whopping 60 cents killowatt hour on all electricity produced while electricity in NSW costs 19 cents per kilowatt hour.  Most programs out there only pay on the surplus.

Most households will earn closer to $1,500 a year.  However, this program (a feed in tariff) is much like the programs rolled out in Germany and Spain that caused a global shake up in the solar economy.  The feed-in tariffs aim to drive down the price of solar by increasing the demand, and by-in-large it has worked.


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