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Calstar’s Fly Ash Bricks

Last year we brought you fly ash concrete and fly ash countertops.  The trend continues with fly ash bricks and fly ash pavers by Calstar.  They are made from 40% fly ash, 60% local aggregates, and some proprietary ingredients.  These products are not made with Portland cement or any other energy intensive firing resulting in substantial carbon savings.

Calstar claims the bricks only require up to 1250 BTUs to produce, compared to 4800-8800 BTUs for clay bricks and 1240 BTUs for concrete bricks.  The fly ash brick’s carbon footprint is .25 pounds, compared to 1.3 pounds for clay brick and .75 pounds for concrete brick.

There have been concerns that the fly ash would be able to make its way into the air causing health and environmental concerns.  However, CalStar says the fly ash is bound within a strong crystalline matrix and is sealed and not expected to result in any exposures to health.  Executives at the Brick Industry Association had concerns about the durability of the newly minted bricks.  If scientific studies are correct, they should actually be more durable than traditional bricks.

CalStar officially opened its plant in Caledonia, Wisconsin yesterday.  The plant will produce approximately 40 million bricks annually recycling fly ash from Wisconsin Energy Corporation.

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