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Cleaner Safer Water With No Chemicals

Chemicals are a less than desirable way to treat water, but it is a necessary evil so that we all have clean drinking water.  However, Cavitation Technologies, Inc. has come up with a solution that uses mechanical and electrical systems to destroy pathogens in our water supply without the use of any chemicals.  Enter the CaviGulator.

A set of complex reactions based on kinetic energy, chemical, electro-chemical, and hydrodynamic principles drives the cleaning process.  This process is 1,000 times more effective than chemical systems.

For years we have used chlorine and ozone, but pathogens like lamblii and cryptosporidium can develop resistance.  Also, chemicals make the cleaning process more expensive because the price of chemicals are driven by market forces.  Power used in the mechanical and electrical processes that Cavitation Technologies uses is also driven by the market, but when powered by renewable resources like solar and wind it is clearly a superior technology.

The CaviGulator creates a large force consisting of pressure, vacuum, kinetic impact, electrical field, sonic waves, and hydrodynamic cavitation (the formation of vapor bubbles leading to shock waves).  As water passes through the different chambers in the reactor, microbes are literally blown up.

Not only does this new technology sound more promising, who doesnt love blowing up microbes?

via cleantechnica

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