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Illuminate Highways With Turbine Light

One way to make our cities more energy efficient is to use the energy we already use and make it go further.  That is the concept behind Turbine Light.  It uses the wind generated by cars and trucks to power the lights and recycles that energy used to produce more energy to light the highways.  It is a good idea, but there are a few issues with this concept.

First, it would have to be isolated to windy areas like the Bay Area in Northern California.  The reason is because more people travel during the day than they do at night (outside of rush hour traffic, but not much wind would be produced anyway when cars travel at 5mph).

There would have to be some sort of battery mechanism to store the energy from the day to use at night.  This feature alone might make it cost prohibitive since battery technology is not advancing as quickly.

It also seems that this would be good to use in tandem with solar powered streetlights as they are starting to do in Oregon.  Some days will be windier than others, the weekends probably do not have as much traffic as weekdays…especially Sunday.

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