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New Lithium Batteries Good for 10,000 Charges

Battery technology has lagged behind in terms of advancement.  There are two main hindrances with batteries…storage capacity and wear.  We have found some interesting alternatives to batteries, but the old double a  is going to be hard to replace in form, and until there are some real breakthroughs we might have to hold on to our dreams of phones and laptops with super fast processors.  However, before you wake up, a company has come through with an innovation in the wear category.

A company called Eamex in Osaka, Japan discovered a major weakness in Lithium Ion Batteries, and fixing this problem could allow them to be used for 20 years or 10,000 charges.  The secret, they have found, is in the tin used in the battery’s negative electrode.  Apparently it weakens through many cycles of charging and recharging.  The new design will use a tin-coated resin that will stabilize the electrode and prevent it from wearing down.  Well that was easy enough.

via engadget

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