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Shower Heats Water Without Electricity

One of the biggest consumers of electricity in a household is the hot water heater.  Old units can continuously heat water in a tank for use.  More efficient ways to heat water would be a tank-less solution that produces on demand hot water.  Even more efficient is the solar hot water heater.  The latter combined with insulated piping provides an efficient way to get hot water.  However, what if water could be heated without water heaters or solar power.  What if water could be made hot, on demand simply by turning the water on?

The Piezo Shower does exactly that.  It captures the kinetic energy of the water running through the lattice of piping to create hot water.  The idea is similar to clothing that creates energy to charge small electronic devices.  As the water runs through the pipes, the water moves piezo electric fibers that create electricity by movement and friction to heat the water.

A touchscreen display lets you see the temperature of the water, time spent in the shower, and water pressure to show you how to best conserve your water.


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