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Smart Windows Save Energy

A number of years ago, I installed a solar film that would reflect sunlight, and keep the interior of the house cool.  It worked great and the house stayed much cooler during the summer, but when the winter came around it continued to reflect the sunlight that could have been used to heat the house.  Even though I lived in Texas (where it is only cold about 2-3 months out of the year), it would still help to keep the house warmer in the winter.

I thought to myself, “Why can’t there be a window like those commercials we see for the transitions glasses?”  Well, good news.  They are finally here.  Transitions for houses.  A company called RavenBrick has created the RavenWindow™.  This window saves energy by getting more opaque and reflecting the sun’s light when hot, and becoming more transparent when cold allowing light to come into homes to warm them up.

According to the website, energy usage can be cut up to 30%.

via ravenbrick

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