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Solar Window Produces Electricity and Sticks Tongue Out at HOA’s

It is almost universally agreed that renewable energy is the future whether it is solar, wind, wave, or bio energy.  However it seems that many home owner associations are opposed to solar panels on roofs and/or wind turbines in back yards.  There are some innovative thinkers out there that have a solution.  At Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week, the Chin Hua solar window was making electricity from what seemed to be a regular window albeit a slightly foggy window.

The hazier the window, the more electricity it will produce.  For efficient buildings it is recommended that windows be placed on the north or south side of a building to minimize direct sunlight.  However, these windows would work the best in direct sunlight.

The application could also apply to cars where the sunroof, windshield, and other windows would also produce electricity for an all electric or hybrid car.

via engadget

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