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Diamond Tipped Razor Blade Lasts Years

One of the things that I most hate to buy at the store is replacement blades for my razor.  They are entirely too expensive and are getting more and more ridiculous as more and more blades are added to a single razor head.

Now instead of using multiple inferior blades, a company in Germany (Gesellschaft für Diamantprodukte) has come up with an ultimate razor.

It starts with a super hard tungsten carbide razor.  This is a metal that registers a 8.5 to 9 on the Moh’s Scale.  Steel registers a 4-4.5 and titanium is only a 6.  Then it is coated with synthetic, industrial-grade diamonds.  In order to finish the super hard and sharp razor, they use a special plasma sharpening process that can make the blade only 3nm thick.  That is only a few atoms thick!  Better get that alum stick ready.

GFD has used this same process to make medical scalpels, drill bits, and probe needles, however this will be their first foray into the billion dollar razor industry.

Razor Blades of this caliber wont cost the same as traditional razors, however, Andre Flöter, founder of GFD, says “If one adds together the costs of disposable razors over the period of one year,” he says, “then our diamond blade could certainly be a reasonably priced alternative.”

My thought is if these blades are comparable to using a year’s worth of replacements, we would be buying a quality blade rather than a bunch of inferior ones and get a much closer shave.  It also means that there is less waste due to not having to buy blades so frequently.

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