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Recycle Tires And Make Sinks

The Santa Monica, California-based design firm Minarc has come up with an ingenious way to reuse old tires and make them into bathroom sinks.  The rubber on tires are one of the most wasted materials on earth. In the United States, about 300 million tires are discarded every year.

The rubber from the tires is melted and the debris is filtered.  It is then formed into a sheet that is stretched over a frame that can be made of a variety of materials.  Once the basin is formed in the frame, the drain colar is fitted into the drain hole which will help the rubber take form against the frame.

To further the efficiency, less than one pound of rubber is used per sink.  Two options are available.  The most basic is the 1/8 inch think rubber adhered directly to a surface is the first option.  The other is a framed option that uses aluminum frames that clamp the outer edges of the rubber.  What is the name of this sink?  RUBBiSH of course.


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