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Solar Hot Water Heating Not Just For Roofs

Eliosolar has taken the idea of a solar hot water heater to the next level.  Traditionally when people think of solar hot water heaters, they are thought to solely exist on roofs, but Eliosolar has designed them so they look like awnings, fences, guardrails, canopies, and a myriad of other accents on a house.  They combined the idea of shading the house from the sun and collecting the sun’s heat to make hot water.

This is one of those ideas that is so simple and efficient.  Unlike solar panels, hot water heaters actually do not need to be on the roof, they simply need to be exposed to the sun.  While using sunlight for hot water, it also blocks the light from entering the house saving as much as 30% on cooling costs.

Another way this makes for a more efficient system is that it opens up the roof for solar panels.  The Eliosolar awnings and shade structures also qualify as solar hot water heaters for the 30% Federal tax break for solar thermal, and you may be in a location with other solar thermal incentives and rebates, You can check your state at DSIRE.


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