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Recharge Alkaline Batteries

You heard that right.  Alkaline batteries can be recharged.  A battery is nothing more than 2 or more electrically active metals with an electrolyte in between them.  The electrolyte both separates the metals and allows electrons to go between the metals.  When a battery discharges, a chemical reaction takes place within that little AA battery to produce the current.  After usage, the chemicals in the battery reach equilibrium and therefore the charge is gone.

Recharging a battery is basically reversing the process described above.  There have been attempts in the past to recharge alkaline batteries, but none were very successful because it had not been done properly.  Recharging alkalines can be downright dangerous when not done right.  The batteries can overheat causing a buildup of gas inside the battery canister therefore causing potassium hydroxide (KOH) leakage, or in a worst case scenario, it could explode.  Potassium hydroxide is highly corrosive substance and can cause damage to the eyes and skin.

The company WattsClever has come up with a smart charger for alkalines.  Since overheating is the main concern for recharging these batteries, “a full set of safety features are built in, these includes overcharging protection, over heating protection, and battery type protection. Additionally the LED lights on the product will indicate clearly when charging is completed along with other functions.”

via WattsClever

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