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– but funding may be a challenged ? City EngineerCity Engineer, Gregory ErskineAlthough rehabilitative works recommenced yesterday on the Bourda Market there is no guarantee that the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC) will be able to find the necessary finances to complete the task.Yesterday, workmen were installing windows on the eastern side of the market but nothing was being done to improve the state of the roof which according to several stallholders is still in a deplorable state as it leaks whenever it rains.The stallholders had said that works had been done on the roof but the situation has since become worse in some sections.However, City Engineer,NFL Jerseys From China, Gregory Erskine,Cheap MLB Jerseys, yesterday said that the municipality has plans to rectify the problems faced by the stallholders.He added, though, that while the contractors are back on the job there is no telling whether the municipality will have the requisite sums to carry out the rehabilitation of the roof forthwith.Works on the roof of the market commenced at the beginning of last month and were scheduled to be completed at the end of the very month.But according to Erskine yesterday, the works were halted as a result of inclement weather. He explained that it was during the efforts to repair the valleys of the roof that a number of zinc sheets had to be removed, revealing that several were in a dreadful condition.?They were there for almost five decades. Some were badly damaged…they were porous and even though we repaired the valleys some of the leaking problem still remained in some areas.?He said that he is currently preparing an estimate for the rehabilitation of the entire roof. This estimate will be submitted to the Town Clerk by next week. The municipality will be further financially challenged as repairs to the entire roof were not part of the initial rehabilitation plan, he added. Workmen preparing to install new windows Among the works identified to be carried out at the market were the repairs to the valleys, installation of windows and expanding metals,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Free Shipping, and some plumbing which, according to Erskine, are still in progress.?We usually look at these works in phases but we are hoping to tackle the roof…We will look at the cost when the estimate is completed and see how much funds we have to determine how much work we can do now.?The emphasis on the need for the rehabilitation of the market resulted from an earlier announcement that the municipality would be increasing the stallholders? fee for operating in the market. The announcement did not only raise the stallholders? concerns about their ability to pay but it also evoked memories from four years ago when the municipality failed to rehabilitate the market after increasing the fees then.The recent increase was initially challenged by some of the stallholders who had even sought legal advice in order to prevent the municipality from increasing their fees without rehabilitating the market.In recognition of the cost factor, that is, paying for continued legal advice,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the stallholders decided to give in to the demand of the municipality. They have since been paying the increase with the assurance that the facility would be restored to some level of decency.Acting Town Clerk, Yonette Pluck-Cort, asserted that the municipality has kept its word to the stallholders at Bourda Market to undertake some rehabilitative works at the market, even as she admitted that the works have not met the satisfactions of the stallholders.?We did stick to the promise that we would do the works. The extent to which we had started those works,Wholesale Jerseys USA, we find that the stallholders are not quite satisfied but we want to maintain the markets at a level that is acceptable to stallholders and for our own benefit.?She noted that the Engineer?s Department has since been tasked with deriving a more comprehensive project as it relates to the rehabilitation plan.In fact,Wholesale Jerseys, she disclosed that all of the municipal markets would be addressed, adding that a list of priorities has already been drafted.As part of this effort she revealed that earnest plans are apace for the Kitty Market, which has been described by some as a ?risk to life and limb,? is a pace.According to the Town Clerk, the municipality?s Investment and Development Committee is currently looking at some proposals intended to improve the state of the market.And these proposals she said were forthcoming from municipal departmental heads and private individuals.Pluck-Cort said that among the proposals are converting the market, which is currently a two-storey facility to a single flat and involvement of the private sector either through assistance to maintain the facility or by leasing the property.
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