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Default Nike Off White The Ten 000 become $10
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One man seh that if you don?t stand up fuh nutten you gun fall fun anything. Some people in Guyana don?t even stand up fuh dem own rights suh dem does fall fuh nuff things.Dem boys remember how people use to tell some businessman how dem can mek money grow. Dem use to show he how dem can mek $1,Cheap Nike Air Force One Shoes,000 become $10,Air Max 90 Black And White Mens,000. Dem fools use to give de money and de men use to tell dem that de thing didn?t wuk and all de money gone.Well some people in India hear how Guyanese stupid suh some of dem come as pandit and as astrologer. Dem join wid de one from Better Hope who collect money because he convince people that he can tell dem where to find anything that dem lose.Dem boys laugh when he cow lost and he ask neighbours to help he find it.A woman lef she husband and another pandit tell de man that fuh $35,Air Max 97 White,000 he gun hold a puja and de woman gun come back. De man tell de pandit to hold de puja and if he wife come back he gun give de pandit $100,2018 Nike Air Max 90 Essential,000. De pandit get vex.Now de police hunting dem,Wholesale Jerseys 2020, especially de one who come from India. He didn?t see that coming but he could see fuh everybody else. He hiding.Dem boys seh that all dem pandit gun have to cure dem prisoners or dem prisoners gun read and then ride dem. And that can be serious business.When dem pandits reach in front de magistrate dey should know wha coming down because dem claim that dem can see into de future. Sad that dem didn?t see de trouble dat was facing dem.Talk half. Lef half.
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