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Two robbers landed smack into the hands of the police yesterday after crashing their getaway car near CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, allegedly while quarreling over their loot.The getaway carThe bandits and an accomplice had moments before carried out a brazen robbery at the Elite Mobile Cell Phone Store on Parade Street, Kingston,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, where they had carted off cash and 15 high-end phones worth some $3M.An employee at the cell phone establishment said that he and a colleague were in the store at around 14:00 hrs when a man entered and asked for credit. Shortly after,Wholesale Jerseys USA, another man entered, drew a gun and pointed it at the staff. Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said that a third man was also involved and that the bandits relieved a customer of a mobile phone.The employee said that the robbers locked the door to the business premises, while the one with the handgun demanded valuables. They then collected several high-end phones and money. Crime Chief Blanhum said that at that point, two of the bandits apparently panicked and ran to their car, leaving their accomplice behind.But as fate would have it, greed reportedly got in the way and a quarrel broke out between the men over the ill-gotten gains.So heated was the row that the robbers ended up crashing into a concrete garbage bin on the seawall road and landed smack into the canal on the Kingston seawall just outside of the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters.The 9mm pistol used by the robbersSenior police ranks looked through the windows and saw that the two men who exited the car were acting suspiciously. One of them had whipped out a gun and amidst shouts of ?he got a gun,Cheap Jerseys,? Felix Austin Police Training College trainees ran in the direction of the robbers.?About 50 to 60 trainees run out on the road. Them bandits see them coming and they ran in opposite directions and one pelt he gun by a tree on the seawalls but he get ambushed,China Jerseys,? an eyewitness said.A second robber was also apprehended. However, Blanhum said that the third robber escaped after fleeing into a nearby yard.The Crime Chief said that police recovered a 9mm pistol with two rounds, as well as a mobile phone that the men had taken from a customer.He revealed that the vehicle bore fake number plates PHH 6532. The car?s licence number was actually PLL 5217. Kaieteur News understands that the vehicle is linked to a car rental service,Wholesale Jerseys 2017, and that another vehicle from the same service was recently linked to a robbery suspect.When Kaieteur News arrived on the scene, ranks were busy trying to pull the vehicle from the drain.The suspects, identified as Adam Mc Donald of Amelia?s Ward and Jermaine Dailey of Norton Street,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Lodge, were heard pleading their innocence. The robbery victims eventually turned up at Eve Leary and reportedly identified the suspects. (Mondale Smith)
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