September 24th, 2008

themoderngreen.com is an online community and blog dedicated to everything modern and everything green.

We are interested in building a community that believes in the participation of modern green discussion that will lead to change in the world outside the internet.  This ongoing conversation is not one that turns its nose up at people that are not yet concious of the environmental impact that we have on the world.  Instead, we seek to encourage communication that will encourage more and more people to adopt a modern green way of life and move toward a more efficient and economical future.

We are a community that enjoys practical modern design combined with efficient green living.  We enjoy form following function.  We are not elitist b/c we have these values.  We also believe that it doesnt have to cost a fortune to live in this way thus making us teachers that can live and show those that do not know how to live better.  We believe that we finally have a chance to leave our world better than we came into it.  This is TheModernGreen way of life.

Join us, we would love to have you.