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Clean Dishes…No Soap

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Normally plastics are not a part of the green equation.  They cause massive amounts of pollution to manufacture, and if not disposed of properly, can cause vast areas of our oceans to be covered in trash.  However, Dr. Jeffrey P. Youngblood of Purdue University has been working on new transparent plastic coatings that may eliminate the need for detergents and soaps.  The hope is that one could just leave dishes in water and they would clean themselves.  If commercialized, this could have a huge impact on the amount of phosphates entering our marine ecosystems. read more »

Cleaner Safer Water With No Chemicals

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Chemicals are a less than desirable way to treat water, but it is a necessary evil so that we all have clean drinking water.  However, Cavitation Technologies, Inc. has come up with a solution that uses mechanical and electrical systems to destroy pathogens in our water supply without the use of any chemicals.  Enter the CaviGulator.

A set of complex reactions based on kinetic energy, chemical, electro-chemical, and hydrodynamic principles drives the cleaning process.  This process is read more »