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Shower Heats Water Without Electricity

Friday, May 21st, 2010

One of the biggest consumers of electricity in a household is the hot water heater.  Old units can continuously heat water in a tank for use.  More efficient ways to heat water would be a tank-less solution that produces on demand hot water.  Even more efficient is the solar hot water heater.  The latter combined with insulated piping provides an efficient way to get hot water.  However, what if water could be heated without water heaters or solar power.  What if water could be made hot, on demand simply by turning the water on?

The Piezo Shower does exactly that.  It captures the kinetic energy of the water running through the lattice of piping to create hot water.  The idea is similar to clothing that creates energy to charge small electronic devices.  As the water runs through the pipes, the water moves piezo electric fibers that create electricity by movement and read more »

Clean Dishes…No Soap

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Normally plastics are not a part of the green equation.  They cause massive amounts of pollution to manufacture, and if not disposed of properly, can cause vast areas of our oceans to be covered in trash.  However, Dr. Jeffrey P. Youngblood of Purdue University has been working on new transparent plastic coatings that may eliminate the need for detergents and soaps.  The hope is that one could just leave dishes in water and they would clean themselves.  If commercialized, this could have a huge impact on the amount of phosphates entering our marine ecosystems. read more »

Mixing Salt And Fresh Water Produces Electicity…Who Knew?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

salt-electrode-01When salt water and fresh water meet, energy is released when the salt water tries to find a new salinity equilibrium.  According to Doriano Brogioli of the University of Milan Bicocca in Monza, Italy, this energy can be harnessed using modern day techniques to capture the energy. read more »

Project Kaisei

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

plasticvortexAll along we have all heard rumors about vast areas of floating garbage in our oceans, particularly with problematic plastics in the area officially known as the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone. But, until you see the images of sea turtles tangled in plastic shopping bags and dolphins dodging discarded plastic toys and containers in the North Pacific Gyre, it is hard to grasp just how vast and complicated this issue has become. read more »

Green Car Washing

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

carwashOk, lets face it.  We all get bird poop on our cars, and along with all that tree sap, it can do a number to the paint job.  However, there is a dilemma for those of you that are environmentally conscious.   Do you go to a car wash or do you wash it yourself?

Exhibit A: Car Wash Center

Pros – Besides not having to do it yourself and slaving away in the heat, the upside to paying for a car wash is that the dirty runoff water is collected and routed to water treatment plants.  Water usage is under 40 gallons or less according to the Car Wash Operators of New Jersey. read more »

10 Ways to Save Water Today

Monday, August 17th, 2009

water_drop1As we all know drinking water is a precious thing.  Its such a shame that so much of it goes down the drain without it even entering our body.  I am pretty sure that I am conscious of it because my parents strived for an efficient lifestyle (turn off the lights if you are not in the room…turn off the tv if you are not watching it…etc…)  So here are some tips to save water starting today.

1.  Many people leave the water running when doing the dishes.  This is not necessary.  This is how I do the dishes.  I turn the water on about 1/4 to 1/3 of full blast.  During this time, I scour the dining ware.  Then I wash a small sized read more »